The Westboro Baptist Church is an American church who have become famous for their ‘God hates fags’ slogans, and picketing of high profile funerals. This week they called Robin Williams a ‘fag lover’, and threatened to picket his funeral over his debauched and hedonistic ways. Alright. I don’t think this is okay, for a number of reasons. – Adam Hills [ x ]
I think this is so spot on. I hate it when folk use the Bible to justify their own bigotry and fears. We are required to Love one Another - simple. Robin Williams was a human, a father, husband, the guy you’d want a beer with, a cyclist and a funny man who took a brave decision to end his own life. Until the light was shed on the subject I thought that he’d lost his long battle with depression, but no we find out that it was Parkinson’s disease. Faced with this and coming to that cross roads and have to face that decision, I can’t say what my answer would have been. I remember when a friends wife took her life when I was in my early twenties. I remember being told by my Father that suicide wasn’t a cowards way out (as often it had been portrayed to me in school ) but required an incredibly brave decision. I didn’t fully understand that at the time and it was only years later did I have that epiphany in regards to my Dad’s words. RIP Mr Williams and peace to the family you’ve left behind. You made so many laugh, and so many of us will shed a tear.